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Friday, April 2, 2010

A 10 Year Celebration

A couple weeks ago we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of our pastor and his family at our church. There was a great power point with all kinds of pictures of the entire family through the years, many I hadn't seen. He was given a lovely plaque that I wish I had taken a picture of and there was also a big reception afterwards. He was then presented with a Holy Land trip. So many people were there to let Allan, Taunya and the children know how much they are loved. A few shared some words at the reception. I know that my husband has told me many times that Allan is not only a great pastor to our church but personally has become a true friend to him as they have worked together. The celebration was enjoyed by all. I had several pictures I wanted to put on here but I can't seem to get them to scan good enough so I will need to add some of the children later. I took several shots of just random people and families in the crowd but being the photographer I am they also didn't quite turn out. These are at the reception after church. It was decorated beautifully and the food was wonderful. We are blessed at Waterville!!!!


  1. I LOVE your new pictures and love the tribute to your pastor and his family. That is a good picture of the two of them. What a wonderful gift - - - a trip to the Holy Land! As I've said before, your church is one I would visit as a prospective member - - - - if God were moving me elsewhere. However, I am blessed beyond words to be where I am at FBC. Praise God the walls of our separate buildings don't affect our relationship as the Body of Christ!

  2. I agree with Miss Lynda! What a great honor to Pastor Allan and love the new pics of the kiddos. It is hard to believe Allan has been at Waterville for 10 years! I remember when he came.....and it doesn't seem that long. I feel kindof old now. Ha ha! Love you!