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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

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Thanksgiving Day 2009

This Thanksgiving didn't turn out the way we had planned but God does know best. We aren't having a big celebration with friends and we are not having family come over, my extended family are afraid they will get sick from it. I'm amazed at just how well the kids are feeling today. They are determined to have a great Thanksgiving. And I guess what we are having is just what we need. Sickness always gives me more time to reflect. Maybe that is because staying up hours on end with little ones allows for a time to just think and pray. For me, I don't know if the thinking part is a good thing. Because I may think too much. I have realized some things though. These are things I already knew but have made themselves clearer in the past few days. First, I think my husband is just great. He wants to be very involved and always helps with the kids any way he can. No he is not perfect, no one is, but he is always an encouragement to me. I have always felt that since I am here with the kids, this is my full time job. I need to not only take care, educate, love, discipline, and train the kids, but when they are sick it is my job to do the yucky stuff. I am so thankful that my husband always jumps right in and tries to make it easier on all of us. Now just to let you know he may or may not read this but stuff like this does embarrass him some. So I don't say this lightly and I probably don't say it enough but I am very thankful for him. He is a good hearted husband and father. Of course I am so thankful for all my children and for any more God decides to bless us with. Is it a tough life, sometimes it is, but it is what we have chosen and I wouldn't want anything else. The good days are much more than the hard ones. God has blessed me more than I ever imagined. Do people look at me like I am strange for having 6? All the time, but then I think they are strange too, my goodness it is only 6! Why all the stares??? This time last year my mind was going in a million different directions. Another baby so close to Sarah, what will I do? But like I said earlier, God knows best. I can't imagine life without Samuel he is such a blessing. It wasn't that I didn't want another baby, it was just the timing that shocked me. Now I can say that I enjoy them being so close in age. I am amazed at the way Sarah already loves him, as do the other ones. They are all quick to tell me how they want another baby someday. I wonder if that's how it is in most families with several kids. You always welcome more? Also I am also so thankful for our church family. These people love on us through it all. They are there in the good times and also through the hard stuff. I would hope that all churches are like this but I really think we have something special at Waterville. God tells us to love one another, and that is what our church is good at. Loving people, praying for each other, and encouraging one another. Now of course our greatest thanks goes to our heavenly Father. In those late nights that I spoke of earlier, He is always listening. When you feel like there is no one who really cares and understands; He does. When there may be things that you can't voice to others, He already knows about it before you mention it to Him because He knows our heart. He loves us! What more could we ask for.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Flu

Today is Josiah's 9th birthday. Morgan has some pictures of our small celebration for him on her blog. I wanted to share a little about his birth but for now please pray for him he tested positive for the flu today as did Sarah. So far it has went Morgan, Josiah, Sarah, now Jacob is really sick. Katie didn't take a flu test but she has a few of the first symptoms the others have had. Please pray for them and also for little Samuel . So far he is OK. Daddy is trying to take care of him and help me but I am mostly taking care of the sick ones. The one good thing is that it seems to be moving on fairly quick. Morgan already feels much better and Josiah is better than he was 24 hours ago. I told him he could pick any kind of a cake he wanted. So the choice was an ice cream cake from DQ. Poor boy, after we cut it and he opened his presents he said he needed to go lay down. I don't know if he even took a bite. He went around and hugged all of us except Katie and Samuel (since they are still well) and thanked us for his stuff. I only wish it could have been what was planned - a big trip to Chuck E Cheese. We will try to do that next week. It could be worse though. I am thankful they are at home with us recovering. They could be in the hospital like others are. It helps me to remember to pray for those who are not able to be at home for Thanksgiving. Hopefully by Thursday this sickness will be well on its way out of our home. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Samuel is already 5 months old

Samuel is growing into a big boy. He is such a sweetie. He is finally starting to sleep all night (as long as you fill him up)this past week. I think these pictures are so sweet of him. They show his easy going personality so well. He's a very happy boy!