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Thursday, March 18, 2010

An update on Sarah

Sarah had her regular appointment with Dr. Waldrop yesterday. As usual Sammy took her and the kids and I stayed in the overly fancy waiting room. The small statues (forgot the proper name) always amaze Jacob. Let's just say I do not like to go to these visits. Not that Dr. Waldrop is unlikeable just that it makes it that much closer for us to make a decision on what to do for Sarah. The Dr. we are seeing has worked on children but never the head so he felt like it was time to see someone at Vanderbilt in Nashville. This shouldn't have surprised me but it did. We have went from Dr. to Dr. but have finally been seeing him the past few times. He said they have an excellent team of Docs there and has heard nothing but good about them. Sammy mentioned someone else that we had heard about to see and Sammy said he turned pale as a ghost and just shook his head witha big fat NO. That was good enough for us. We have no reason to not trust the person he sends us to. So with that all being said we are just waiting to get in with the group at Vanderbilt. Have we decided to go ahead and do the surgery? No not yet, but we have to know what we can and can't do. The age of two is fast aproaching and this is the age we knew we would have to get serious about making a decision with the help of a knowledgeable Dr. I know that we can pray and ask the Lord to show us what to do. He gave us Sarah and he loves her more than we all do put together. She is still just so little to me and I hate to see her go through all this if we decide to go ahead with everything. I wish I had been doing a blog when she was a newborn. I would love to have documented everything we have been told and also studied about through others that have had this procedure done. We are still praying that it would just go away on its own. It has gotten lighter but the size is still very irregular. That is what the Dr.s don't like about it and also that it is just so big. Now on a funnier note, as we were leaving the office yesterday, Sammy was trying to tell me a little about what was going on. I could tell it was more than just your normal visit. Well this very nice couple held the door for us as we walked out and Thank you and Have a nice day were exchanged. Just a few steps away these two very nice professional looking women were walking down the hall. All of the sudden I thought one was about to fall dead and the other one stared like somthing goofy. Ok was there a snake in the floor and I didn't see it. Let's just say I WAS NOT in the mood for it. Sammy was trying to quietly talk to me as we headed to the elevator and I was trying to ignore the two women but then- here she blows- "OH MY ___ THEY HAVE SIX KIDS". And so forth!!! Sammy didn't even here it he was looking for the restroom as he was talking. But the kids and I both saw and heard it. Why is that such a big deal? And it wasn't the nice you have 6 kids and that is kinda weird but hey whatever. It was the RUDE " I need some attention type woman so I am going to be a smart elick" Why don't people like that just glue there mouth up. Okay that was ugly! I know I am also doing wrong to match their ugliness. Most times I can laugh it off (like the one a few days ago that I can not even type on here it was so bad) it just got to me yesterday. Someone needs to start a list of all the dumb things people say so that everyone else can learn from it. Those poor women if they only realized how dumb THEY looked. We finished our trip with our usual visit to Krispy Kreme. We usually just go through the drive thru but I knew they would have special ones since it was St. Patricks day. The oldest 4 went in with me and we decided next time we would all come in and enjoy eating them inside. Let me just say DELICIOUS!!! They are always good but today they were exceptional. I could have ate more!!! Yum Yum.

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  1. With our large family, I had my share of comments. One time I was at the mall with some of the children, and a woman told me I had too many kids. I was caught off guard and wished I had said, "There's more at home!" People can be rude, but I knew I was the blessed one.