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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Memorable Days

Well it was another day that I can't believe I didn't bring a camera. Today was a really fun day. All of us with the exception of Sammy who was at work and Morgan who had her 2 classes went over to spend the afternoon with our friends the McNelly's. This would include both Julie and Jane who live by each other and their children and then 2 other families and all their kids. It was such a quiet relaxing afternoon for us Moms. We had such enjoyable conversations about kids, curriculum and just life in general. Now for the boys they enjoyed playing outside with Nerf guns. Josiah and Jacob were thrilled with how many boys were there. Sometimes it seems like they are always outnumbered with girls. Not to say they don't enjoy playing with their sisters or any other girls, but what fun they had with those Nerf guns. Jacob fell in the mud and to be honest I'm not sure if I have ever seen him that muddy. So before getting in the car I just took his shoes off and wiped down his pants so he was good to go for the ride home. The last thing I wanted to do was squash their great afternoon with worrying about a little bit of dirt and mud. Jacob and Josiah both decided they would be back in a couple of days but I informed them we would have to wait till the next get together and that would be in about 4 more weeks. Katie had a good time too. I think at first she felt a little lonesome with Morgan not being there but she quickly perked right up and I could here all the giggles coming from the girls in the other room. Morgan looks forward to going next time. I think her classes should be finished by then. We are starting a young ladies bible study in a few weeks with a few other Moms and daughters. It will only be twice a month but I think we can get through the book pretty quick. It is such a good study, I've read through it a couple times. It just says so much about how to be a lady and how important modesty and purity is. Not just on the outside but also what you are on the inside. Because let's just face it- What's on the inside always comes out good or bad. Looking forward to the weekend. Upward Basketball is over so now we can rest some and do some things around the house. There's always something to do when it comes to the house and yard. I think I may even try to get in a few posts a week. I started this to help us look back and remember fun things we do because it looks like my scrapbooking days are gone for now. But Sammy and I are thinking about just doing the six kids and counting blog. I've got some ideas rolling around in my head if I can just find the time to post about it. Off to do more laundry!!!!! That's what happens when you stay gone to much in the afternoon.

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  1. I guess you are talking about Sara's birthmark. Vanderbilt is supposed to be an amazing medical facility. I have known people in our church who are quite impressed with their efficiency and knowledge. God is using you, your husband, and SIX children to be witnesses for HIM in many places. And as you shine HIS light, know that Satan will be trying to dim or block that light by putting rude people in your path. However, people who are loud and needing attention obviously need HIS love because they aren't reflecting it.
    I would like to tell you some of the comments I thought of as a retort to her - - but they wouldn't glorify our Savior either. - - - even if they were clever!!! Love you Friend!