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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Even In The Valley God Is Good

This past Friday was the funeral of Carolyn Pigg. It was the last day of Winter but it was a beautiful "springy" day. Very fitting for this dear ladys home going celebration! It was an honor for me to call Carolyn my friend. She was a shining example of a true lady. We at Waterville loved her. In her final months her devoted husband, children, family and friends took loving care of her and treasured their time together. Carolyn loved the Lord! Her daughter called her not only her mother but her best friend! How blessed they were to have each other. Carolyn's sister Linda wrote about their childhood. It was so touching! Carolyn had picked out some songs for the choir to do at the funeral. These were some songs that were from the Easter musical a few years ago. I can remember her saying how much she loved them. Johnny and Carolyn were a beautiful couple. I know he was blessed to have a godly wife. I always loved it when they would match on Sundays! I pray Sammy and I can be examples to other couples too just like John and Carolyn were to us and so many others in our church.

Even in the valley God is good, even in the valley He is faithful and true. He carries His children through like He said He would. Even in the valley God is good.


  1. She is beautiful. How old was she when she died?

  2. She would have been 64 this August. And yes she was beautiful inside and out. Love ya, Missy