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Monday, February 1, 2010

Sarah and Samuel

I had Sarah and Samuel twelve months and three weeks apart. They are the closest in age in all six of my children. Sarah is petite for 20 months, while Sam is very large for 7 months. So, there height and weight is just about the same.
~ Sarah now has teeth and there is eight or ten coming in at one time, poor girl~

--Sam is almost sitting up!!--

We somehow ended up with the same outfit, since they both wear the same size we decided to let them match and wear the outfits for a picture.

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  1. Truly precious!!! They really could pass for twins!

    Rebekah and Madison are 2 years and 2 days apart, and by the time they were 1 and 3 everyone thought they were twins...even with that kind of age gap. Then for a few years Rebekah looked older. Their birthdays are this month and they will be 15 & 13...again everyone thinks Madison is older. He is 5.4 and Rebekah at almost 15 is only fun to watch kids grow.

    Enjoy your 2 little sweeties...and your big ones as well! The picture of Sarah and her teeth...priceless!!!