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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!

Happy birthday to the man of my dreams and best friend I LOVE YOU Sammy!!!! LOVE, Missy

Happy Birthday Daddy, wishing you a happy 41st Love, Morgan, Katie, Josiah, Jacob, Sarah, and Samuel

What Morgan loves about her daddy: I love when I have long talks with him about staying pure, and not going with the flow. Besides the Lord Jesus Christ YOU are the number ONE man in my life right now, I LOVE you!!!!

What Katie loves about her daddy: I love when my daddy helps me with my singing ( thanks for giving me that solo in the Easter musical I'll try hard)

What Josiah loves about his daddy: I love that my dad is a good singer.
What Jacob loves about his daddy: I love when my daddy acts funny.
What Sarah Loves about her daddy: I love when my daddy sings me to sleep.
What Sam Loves about his daddy: I love when my daddy feeds me my bottle!!!

The Party

Tonight we had a little celebration for Sammy AKA Daddy. My mom and sister came over and had dinner, opened presents, and had donuts!!!! Sammy wanted donuts for his cake so we had the cake and candles together.
The kids made signs for their daddy and put them all around the house.

They LOVE their daddy!!!!

Samuel really enjoyed the bow

Morgan and Josiah enjoying the Krispy Kreme donuts


  1. Such a sweet and happy, happy birthday celebration for a good Christian leader!


    You are a very blessed man!

  3. What a sweet way to celebrate Dad's birthday! I love what all the kiddos said about their Daddy! You can tell he is a super dad! You guys are so blessed! :-)