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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Service

We had an awesome service this morning. I was excited to get ready and be at church for the first service of 2010. Sammy took a Sunday off last week and we did not have service Wednesday so it seemed like it had been so long since I had been in church. We had some great music!!!! And then a sweet little girl that I have known and loved since she was a baby was baptised today. I have been friends with her Mom for over 20 years and her parents were in our wedding and we were in theirs. I know they are so excited to know that both of their girls have accepted the Lord. What more could you ask for? When our oldest daughter Morgan was baptised it was on Easter Sunday. I'll never forget it . We were in revival and she had went forward one night. Then a few days later her Daddy was able to pray with her and she asked Jesus to be her saviour. How thrilled we were. Since then we have seen Katie and Josiah both be saved and baptised at Waterville. We do something a bit different than I was used to but I really love it. When the person along with the pastor come out into the Baptistry, he asks for a word of encouragement to be shared. This is when a parent or spouse or maybe even a teacher speaks directly to this person and gives a bible scripture. Sammy did this for Katie and Josiah. I watched them look at their Daddy so sweetly as he spoke to them. It is a very special time. Today Kendall's Dad, Tim spoke to her just before she was baptised. You could tell he was moved beyond words. Sammy and I remembered tonight when Tim was saved quite a long time ago in our younger years. We are so proud to be in church serving the Lord with Tim and Loren and their girls. Our pastor then challenged us to daily read the word and pray. I really enjoyed the sermon. We all need to be reminded of the basics. It is so easy to get in a rut. I am not one to do a typical New Years Resolution but I do enjoy a fresh start. I think I am going to get our One Year Bible and start reading with the kids. I know they will do their best to keep us up to date. I saw on another blog I enjoy reading that she had a 90 day challenge going. That sounds great too. Morgan, Katie and I are also going to do a study together called Raising Maidens of Virtue. I am looking forward to it too. I have wanted to read this with them for sometime now. We might share more about it as we're going through it on one of our blogs. Not sure who will post about that one. Looking forward to the year ahead.


  1. Reading through the Bible is a worthy accomplishment but reading it every day - - as you said - - - - and understanding it is the most important! Praise God for your faithfulness as parents to raise your children to Love our Lord!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful service with the Lord. How special it is to see others come to know trhe Lord as their Lord and Savior!

    We really love the book Rasing Maidens of Virtue, it's a good one. I hope you and the girls enjoy it, and I look forward to hearing your view on it.

    As a family in Februrary 2008 we as a family started reading the Bible and having devotions every morning. It took a little getting use to as far as getting up at 6:30 AM each morning to give Him our first. Now almost 2 years after I can say it's not hard, and I can see how much we have learned and grown as a family in the Lord. We haven't gone trought the Bible in a year, but I think that is awesome. We just take a book of a Bible at a time and do a Chapter a day. Anyway I'm rambling...sorry.

    Hope your New Year blessed and again hope to fellowship with your family.