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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our sick Baby Boy

Just wanted to do a quick post and ask those of you that keep up with our family through the blog to pray for Little Samuel. He had been sick for a few days so we made an appt. with the Dr on Friday. He has RSV. That is a pretty scary thing for us just because he is still so young. They also did a chest x ray and checked his oxygen level. It was at 100 % and there was no sign of pneumonia. He was just having a hard time with his breathing so they wanted to really check him out. He was able to get past the flu somehow a few months ago and just caught this somehow. The Dr said he should be improving by Sat. Well it's now Sunday and I don't think he has improved but it could be worse. He doesn't like the breathing treatments but of course who really would. Sarah has started to feel yucky too. If you remember, say a prayer for us.


  1. Hope the little guy feels better soon! Love you!

  2. I am so sorry to hear he is sick That RSV is a scary thing. Is it relatively new? I don't remember hearing about it 26 and 30 years ago when mine were babies. I do know it is a serious illness though. Sick little ones make for long nights and a tired mom. Thanks for asking for our prayers.

  3. Praying a special prayer for my babies.