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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sam and Sarah update

It has been a long week so far-after a quick trip to TC Thompsons Sunday night we found out that the RSV had caused Pneumonia to start setting up. They didn't want to keep him since he was feeling pretty good and thought the antibiotics would work well. Let me just say this is a very hard place to be at. I walked down the hall to go for a chest x ray and everywhere I turned I heard screaming sick babies. They were full at the ER in every spot. I noticed several times many Dr's and nurses working on one baby. One image in my mind I wish I could forget but it keeps popping up. I am so thankful that my little boy was looking up grinning at me almost to say" Hey I feel better let's go home". My heart was so heavy for the other parents there. When we first pulled in I saw an ambulance bringing in someone. Never a good thing to see at any ER but just something about it being at a Children's hospital gave me that sick feeling in my stomach. When we got home with the baby Sarah had already started running a fever. We Had thought she might be able to get over it easier because she was a little older, but of course I was back at the Dr. with her Tuesday morning. Her chest x ray showed no pneumonia but her high fevers really scared me. As of Wednesday things seemed to be improving except for the fact that Samuel still hates his breathing treatments and just loves to spit out his medicine. But that's OK he will probably have to get used to them if he is anything like Jacob. Now on Thursday the Dr. has decided to finally put Sarah on antibiotics because her symptoms are changing just like Samuel's did. Hopefully we will see a major improvement in her in about 24 hours. So what we are trying to do is just keep a normal routine as much as possible and let the older 3 do alot of independent school stuff and then if the little ones go to sleep at the same time we do our group time together. Poor Katie is starting to get sick now too. She has been such a little helper to me. The oldest 3 have been such helps around here. Morgan and Katie doing just about whatever needs to be done. From house stuff to food to helping with the little ones and Josiah is trying to keep up with folding our always huge pile of laundry and also doing some of the girls regular chores as I need them in other places. This has been a time for us to all pull together. Anyone who knows me well knows I don't do very good without sleep, I know I should just get used to it, so I really appreciate them working.
A funny side note- when Sarah and Samuel weighed we were sure that he had passed her up but she still has about a pound on him. So funny, one petite one and one chubby one. Who would have thought. Prayers for all of us would be great. #1 for no more of this junk to be passed around and #2 I can't seem to get over this queasiness of maybe indigestion stuff . I think I need to just get back on some prilosec and here's the big one stop drinking coke and lose about 50 or so pounds. I just can't stand this yucky sick feeling. It could just be nerves. Looking forward to the weekend and praying away this sickness. Thank you Lord for taking care of us!!!!


  1. Bless your hearts. I remember those winters where the sickness seemed to go on forever. We are so blessed to have TC Thompson's, aren't we? . . . . as long as those two little ones get better without any lasting aftereffects, it will be good. I pray that Katie does not get real sick. God is so good to give you children with a cooperative spirit.

  2. Oh Missy I'm so sorry to hear your babies are still so sick. We have been praying for them...and their caregivers. Trips to TCT are never fun and always leave me with a heavy heart. I can "very" much understand the lack of sleep thing, cause I'm a Mama that needs her sleep too. Funny after 10 children you would think I'd be use to it, I'm NOT!

    So nice when the bigger children can step up and help out, filling the shoes of those who are needed in other areas. Team work in a family is a wonderful thing, and thankfully seems to come like second nature.

    I'll be praying you get some rest, that your babies make a big turn for the better, and Katie stays well. My thoughts are with you.

  3. Missy, Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging comments on my blog.... totally *amazing* that your preemie was a Josiah too~ and the same age as my Josiah! So funny! Sorry that you guys are sick~ I will pray that everyone gets better quickly! (and for Mama to get some rest! It seems that I always do fine avoiding whatever "bug" is going through our family, until I get too tired from caring for everyone else!) I'll be praying for your sweet family....