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Thursday, July 30, 2009


May 23rd was Sarah's first birthday. We had pizza, (her favorite) brownies, and birthday cake. She didn't really know what to think about opening presents but she enjoyed the musical toys she got. We took her birthday dress off so she could dig into some cake. These last two pictures were taken a couple days later at JC Penney. I think they turned out so good. She loves to have her picture made and the girls there enjoy taking them because she is so much fun. Sometimes they have to wait a minute and give her a "smile break" because she is smiling so much she starts laughing. Her birthday dress was so beautiful. A special friend gave this to us at her baby shower. We wanted to make sure she put it to good use. So she wore it on her birthday and then we got it ready the next day for church and then again for pictures. The blue color just made her eyes look even brighter. Sarah is loved by all, you can't help but warm up to her because she is so lovable.

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