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Monday, December 14, 2009

Our young lady turns 14

Morgan and Josiah have a birthday 12 days apart. We had planned on going to Dollywood on the 5th but it snowed and we had a change of plans. Morgan and Josiah had decided they would share that day and we could celebrate for both of them(with the tickets Katie won). It would have been a winning day though for everyone. Oh well we will try again after Christmas. The night before I made Morgan's favorite food- TACOS and also her favorite cake or should I say one of them. It's a tie between Lemon and Strawberry. She also went ahead and opened her gifts because we didn't want to rush it all the next day. It was a disappointment to not go to Dollywood but we reminded Morgan that she was the only one to ever have snow on her birthday!!! We love you Morgan!!!!

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  1. She looks beautiful with curly or straight hair! Next year she will be able to get her learner's permit - right? How did that happen so fast?!