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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Flu

Today is Josiah's 9th birthday. Morgan has some pictures of our small celebration for him on her blog. I wanted to share a little about his birth but for now please pray for him he tested positive for the flu today as did Sarah. So far it has went Morgan, Josiah, Sarah, now Jacob is really sick. Katie didn't take a flu test but she has a few of the first symptoms the others have had. Please pray for them and also for little Samuel . So far he is OK. Daddy is trying to take care of him and help me but I am mostly taking care of the sick ones. The one good thing is that it seems to be moving on fairly quick. Morgan already feels much better and Josiah is better than he was 24 hours ago. I told him he could pick any kind of a cake he wanted. So the choice was an ice cream cake from DQ. Poor boy, after we cut it and he opened his presents he said he needed to go lay down. I don't know if he even took a bite. He went around and hugged all of us except Katie and Samuel (since they are still well) and thanked us for his stuff. I only wish it could have been what was planned - a big trip to Chuck E Cheese. We will try to do that next week. It could be worse though. I am thankful they are at home with us recovering. They could be in the hospital like others are. It helps me to remember to pray for those who are not able to be at home for Thanksgiving. Hopefully by Thursday this sickness will be well on its way out of our home. Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Josiah!

    So sorry to hear you have a few so sick. We'll be praying for you all, and that they are much better by Thanksgiving.

  2. Josiah looked so good in his pictures. I never would have thought he was sick. We'll be praying for health to return to you all. I remember - - - a loonnnggg time ago when I was about six or seven - - - it was Christmas and at least 2 of the 4 of us children had either chicken pox or measles. Somewhere we have a picture of us near the tree on the sofa bed. My younger sister played "doctor" and put some perfume on one of my spots. That burned more than a bit!

  3. I am feeling MUCH better.

    Love ya, Morgan